Impulse Partners


IMPULSE PARTNERS is a strategy consulting firm that works with senior executives on strategy, innovation and performance. We help our clients tackle growth challenges, identify opportunities, rethink business models and revisit innovation strategy. IMPULSE PARTNERS also develops startup accelerators in close connection with industry decision makers, local government and specialist investors. Our teams detect the most innovative, promising start-ups and connects them to industry leaders in order to speed up their development. DETECT We identify key innovation needs & ideas in a rapidly changing market. We detect & advise the innovators. CONNECT We connect corporate groups with startups that are relevant, mature and capable of delivering. We connect startups with prospects that they otherwise wouldn’t talk to. DEVELOP We help transform innovative ideas into businesses. We develop ecosystems which create value, and foster relationships. ADVISE We help our partners to face changing market trends and engage with innovation head on. Our extensive network of relevant SMEs and entrepreneurs help them adapt faster.

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